Wheelie Bin Cleaning Prices

All our domestic wheelie bin cleaning customers pay by direct debit. Unlike most other wheelie bin cleaning companies, you don’t need to pay 3, 6 or 12 months up front nor will you fall in to arrears because there is nobody home during the day. You only pay when the bin is cleaned, not before, however, at the time of signing up, we do take a deposit that covers one four weekly cycle. For example, if you have 2 bins cleaned every four weeks, we will take a deposit of £3.99 x 2 = £7.98, if you have 3 bins cleaned we will take a deposit of £11.97, etc… Please note, this pays for your final cleans, once you have given us 30 days notice.

One Off Clean

1 x 180/240ltr (Average Domestic Bin) – £9.99
1 x 360ltr (Large Domestic Bin) – £12.50

We can only do a one off clean if we have the time and the water to do so, many of our routes are close to full. You can either start the booking in process and the program will tell you, or you can call the office, if we can help we will.

Regular Cleaning (once every four week’s)

1 x 180/240ltr (Average Domestic Bin)
Maintenance Clean- £3.99
Deep Clean – £7.99
Decontamination Clean – £9.99

1 x 360ltr (Large Domestic Bin)
Maintenance Clean- £4.50
Deep Clean – £9.99
Decontamination Clean – £12.50

All Prices are inclusive of VAT.

1st Clean of all bins
Although all first cleans could be called “Deep Cleans” we only charge these bins out as Maintenance cleans. We do this as an introduction to our company and to show the customer what to expect each time the bin is cleaned

Maintenance Cleaning
99% of all the cleaning we do is classed as maintenance cleaning. This includes sanitizing & deodorizing of all bins.

** Deep Cleaning
If we arrive at your premises (after the 1st clean) and the bin requires extra attention (pre-washing and scrubbing) a deep clean charge will take effect.

** Decontamination Cleaning
if any excrement or biological waste is present and not wrapped and sealed the appropriate decontamination charge to that size bin will apply.The disposal of this waste water is covered by our trade effluence licence.

** We will not carry out these cleaning processes without knocking on your door or calling the number you have registered, if we are still unsucsessfull in contacting you we will send an email whilste outside your premises, but please note we will leave the bin uncleaned until we receive authorization from yourselves.

(Please note it is a 6 month minimum contract)