Wheelie Bin
Cleaning Services

Over the past few years we have tried and tested different frequencies between bin cleans, and we always come back to the original idea – once every 4 weeks. Once every 2 weeks is too often and once every 8 weeks is too long.

So we decided to keep it simple, we offer once every 4 weeks at a cost of £3.99 for a 120/240ltr bin or £4.50 for a 360ltr bin paid by direct debit.

We only take direct debit (no cash) it’s very easy to set up and it is totally safe from the customers point of view. We are PCi DSS Compliant, this means none of your personal details will be sold or given to a third party or used in any way for research outside of our company.

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Cleaning Service

We have been servicing our customers carpet cleaning needs for over 30 years! Using the very latest in carpet cleaning machines and keeping current with cleaning technics and chemicals.

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