Commercial Bin Cleaning

There are lots of different sizes of commercial bins, but we mainly come across four. Regardless of size Scrubbish cleans them on-site where they stand. There is no mess and no fuss. Service remains very affordable and is highly effective. A big plus is that the cleaning process is environmentally safe.


Benefits of commercial wheelie bin maintenance

  • Helps create a safer & cleaner work environment for your employees.
  • Prevents spreading diseases (eg. E-coli & Salmonella).
  • Prevents insects, flies and vermin (rats and mice) from wanting to enter your bins.
  • Improves the presentation of your business to your customers and staff.
  • Helps meet your local water board regulation for water drainage requirements.

The Cleaning Process

  • We arrive at your address on a pre-confirmed day, fully equipped with water supply.
  • We clean all commercial sized bins, from 240L to 1100L , inside and out.
  • We only use biodegradable products to clean and deodorise your bins.
  • We clean up excess water to allow your bins to dry quicker.
  • We can return to clean your bins on a regular basis.
  • All waste water is disposed of legally and under licence.
  • All operators and machinery are fully insured.

 Your monthly cost is dependent on bin size, regularity of service, accessibility, the number of bins at the one location and type of industrial application.


An indication of commercial Bin Starting Prices (per bin)


Size of Bins Once Every 4 Weeks One Off  Clean
120/180/240L *£8.50  to  £13.50 £13.50  to  £19.50
660L *£17.50  to  £22.50 £22.50  to  £27.50
1100L *£20.00  to  £37.50 £27.50  to  £47.50


All Prices are subject to VAT @ 20%
* Prices depend on type of use and condition of bin on arrival.


Please call one of our friendly Scrubbish representatives to give you a firm quote and to assist with your decision as to the required level of bin hygiene for your particular needs. As with all other services that Scrubbish provide, they will work hard to deliver a price that is attractive and allows you to keep your commercial bin hygienically clean and smelling fresh in the workplace environment.