The Cleaning Process

We arrival at your premises as close to the time after the council have been to empty your wheelie bins (normally within the hour). The first clean is always the hardest and can take up to 10 minutes per bin and normally has to be completed manually due to its condition. The second time we clean will be a typical clean, and this will take our truck 25 seconds from beginning to end – this is to clean two bins (2 x 240/360ltr bins or 1 x 600/1100ltr bin). We lose less than 0.1 litres in the 60 litres of water that we use per bin as all the water we use to clean the insides of the bin/s is captured then recycled through a series of filters and sanitizers, killing all germs and bacteria. After the truck has finished the cleaning process we then dry (as best we can) and deodorise the bin to make it smell really nice and fresh.

We believe we are on the cutting edge of technology, and are always pushing the boundaries. We are always re-investing money back into the company time and time again to supply the service you deserve!

One of the latest upgrades was adding a heat exchanger to the water system on the trucks. The heat exchanging process will allow us to heat the water that we use to clean your bins for free, thus keeping the price down for the customer. We also rain harvest all of our water, and as we expand and take on more trucks we will also expand the tanks capacity to meet our usage.

The chemicals we use in the cleaning process are bio degradable. They are carefully monitored by Anglian Water in accordance with our trade effluence licence. We need this licence to dispose of the used water at the end of every day.

Another huge upgrade was a bespoke browser based computer programme (which we are always improving). This programme runs our company from the moment the customer signs up through to the payment process. It allocates the customers to the correct days and makes sure we clean the bins at the correct time. We are currently working on a bar-coding system to mark the customers bins as cleaned as the get lifted on to the truck.

We have many more great ideas which we will try and develop over the coming months, we are always looking for new ways to expand to supply our customers with the service that really is second to none!

If you have any further questions on our method of cleaning or the services we provide, please call our office on 01462 416565 and we will be happy to try and answer any questions you have.

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning