Leather Cleaning

Fine leather is soft and luxurious, making it an ideal choice for furniture. With the right care, leather improves with age, providing many years of enjoyable use. However, even the best leather requires maintaining by regular vacuuming and cleaning.

Different types of leather require different care and maintenance products. If you are uncertain about the type of leather you have, contact the store where you purchased the item.

To maintain the rich, natural look of your leather furniture, we offer some general advice.

General leather tips

  • Place your furniture a minimum of two feet away from a radiator or other heat source.
  • Protect your leather furniture from direct sunlight and strong natural light. Most leather will fade over time if in direct sunlight.
  • Avoid air pollution such as cigar or cigarette smoke and cooking fumes, which can cause leather to fade or change colour.
  • Keep leather free of dust by vacuuming and dusting with a soft damp cloth, preferably once a week. Use a soft brush attachment when vacuuming leather.
  • Clean leather with good quality upholstery leather cleaner, preferably once a month if the furniture is used daily, but at least four times a year. Don’t rub! Sponge gently until all the grime and stains are lifted and wipe over the surface with clean, dry white towelling to absorb the soiling.
  • Treat leather with a Leather Protector or Conditioner after each cleaning, to retain its softness and attractive appearance. Take care to use the correct product for your leather, as some conditioners are not suitable for use on aniline, nubuck or naked leathers.
  • Blot spills up immediately. Use leather cleaner to remove the spill.
  • Please note: Many common household-cleaning products can cause severe damage and costly repairs.

Please contact Scrubbish if in any doubt or if you need further advice.